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Why He's Afraid Of Commitment

You see it in nearly every romantic comedy where the guy doesn't want to settle down and get married. Is it just a stereotype or is there some truth to the myth?

The stereotype may have been elaborated in the movies for giggles, but there are real psychological reasons why men avoid commitment like a plague.

He Doesn't Think He's Good Enough

When a guy constantly flees from a committed relationship there's likely an internal psychological struggle that he can't over come. It's a behavior that's subconsciously intended to prevent what is perceived as imminent failure.

He's sabotaging his healthy relationship because, subconsciously anyway, he believes he isn't good enough and you're going to dump him when you figure it out.

He's leaving to avoid the future pain of being rejected.

He probably doesn't even realize that he's constantly undermining his long term happiness. So how do you address this issue? If you suspect he's avoiding commitment because he doesn't think he's good enough it means there's an insecurity you need to be aware of.

It isn't something to be toyed or joked with. If you want to keep him, you need to help him understand that he's perfect for you and your relationship.

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Is There Someone Better?

The grass is always greener and the women are always hotter on the other side of the fence. Guys don't typically box this behavior into "settling", so it shouldn't be taken in that context.

It's more about delusion than thinking you aren't good enough. Guys fantasize about every woman they see. The ones they see in the fruit isle, the DMV, and every checkout or servant female in every restaurant they've ever been in.

Yes, it's that bad.

So when guys don't want to "settle down", it's not because you aren't good enough. It's because they actually believe they have a chance with the hundreds of women they fantasize about.

How do you overcome this delusional syndrome? By becoming the woman of his dreams. It's physical and psychological.

If you explore what he wants in the bedroom, and connect with him emotionally like no other he's ever met he'll finally understand what it means to meet his soul mate.

Men are as complicated and sensitive as their counterpart. They're just raised to be less open with their emotions and insecurities. It doesn't mean those issues aren't there, and don't need to be fixed.

It just takes a little more work to get to the root the of the issue, so you can help them find happiness.

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