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Why Do Men Leave Women?

There a few things more painful than realizing the person you love is having an affair. But why do men leave women they say they love?

The Other Woman

When a man leaves a relationship for another woman, it's very common to label him as a uncaring cheater without exploring the problem further. It gives you something to focus on and point your anger and frustration at. But why did he leave?

Is he just a cheating dog that couldn't control his urges? There are guys like that, but the reason men cheat and turn to another relationship involves more than just sex. His decision to go outside the relationship means something was wrong or missing, and instead of trying to fix the problem he decided to leave.

It's not fair, but it's a common scenario. If you're worried your next boyfriend will cheat or leave you, it's important to focus on strong communication. When he tells you something is bothering him, try to understand why the problem has become important.

A conversation about, "we don't spend enough time together" may seem like a harmless rant but it could lead to more significant problems if he feels his concerns are easily dismissed.

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How To Keep Him Happy

To keep your man happy and in the relationship long-term you have to stroke his ego and make him understand how important he is. You don't want to go overboard and tell him you can't live without him, but acknowledging his importance and how he makes your life better will help keep him happy.

Once he feels neglected or unappreciated, he'll start to question the relationship and consider the possibility of being happy with someone else.

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