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When Should I Start Dating Again?

People who have ended a long-term relationship are often hesitant to start dating again. They may not realize that years can pass without starting a new relationship simply because they're still waiting to feel comfortable.

A more complicated problem is when a person begins to mask fears behind the "I'm not ready" feeling. It may actually be the fear of rejection or the fear of intimacy that's preventing you from being happy.

It isn't a new relationship that scares you, it's the possibility of not being able to start or sustain one.

Finding someone new is rarely easy, and can be intimidating for some. What you should keep in mind is that people eliminate fear through confrontation.

Don't focus on the success or speed at which you find the right person. Focus on the fact that you're willing to try. You don't have to start with a blind date. Talking to someone new, or smiling at a kind stranger is enough to spark your interest to pursue more the next time.

Your confidence will gain strength and from those experience you'll realize that you're ready to start dating again.

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Unfortunately, many people wait for that feeling of "permission", that it's okay to start dating again. Your mind, emotions, and fears don't work that way. You have to initiate the heeling process before it can actually begin.

When you're ready to meet someone new, don't focus on finding the perfect person, because very few people find them. Look for someone who can make you smile and, more importantly, help you find happiness.

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