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Should Best Friends Start Dating

You may not want it to happen because it could threaten the friendship, but it's very common. So why do best friends start dating?

Why Become More Than Friends

The temptation to become more than friends will grow stronger when it seems like a "logical" step. If both friends are not in a current relationship and spending a lot of time together, it may feel like a natural progression.

"We're always together, maybe we should date", is a common thought. It's important to distinguish the difference between true attraction and just wanting to try dating.

Mistaking comfort and familiarity for attraction can cause an awkward experience. Another common problem with dating a close friend is that you already know a great deal about one another which can make the relationship feel old or lacking excitement.

Can You Go Back To Friends?

One of the main concerns for dating a friend is if it will cause permanent damage to the relationship. If both friends date and mutually agree that it wasn't meant to be, the relationship has a good chance to survive. It's when one person wants to continue dating and the other doesn't that problems arise.

It may create jealousy when you start dating others, or make conversations awkward because one person has stronger feelings than the other.

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Why Do Friends Still Try?

Even with all the potential problems, friends often try to turn a friendship into a relationship, because the best relationships are built on communication which is a fundamental aspect of friendship.

If you are able to form a bond beyond friendship, the relationship will likely have the communication needed to survive long-term.

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