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Should I Ask For A Second Date

Knowing whether you should ask for a second date is a complicated question and unique to every situation. Sometimes you don't even have a legitimate reason for wanting to date again.

The first date may not have been great, but something tells you to give it another chance. Other dating experiences are more obvious.

Was There Chemistry?

Chemistry takes many forms. Physical attraction is the most obvious, but there are other forms of chemistry that are actually more important to long term relationships.

Do you share a similar sense of humor? Can you make one another laugh, or were you just not getting each others humor?

You'll get a sense of if this person is someone you want to be stuck in an elevator with pretty quickly. If there's a personality trait really bothers you, it's something to consider because it's not going to go away.

Was It Boring?

Your date isn't there to entertain you, they aren't puppets responsible for making sure you don't get bored. On the other hand, however, there should be some back and forth that keeps the interaction interesting.

If you have nothing to talk about and conversations end after one or two sentences then asking for a second date may not be in your best interest.

When you're looking for a new relationship it's common to want to feel romance or excitement, but ultimately that isn't what makes a long lasting relationship. You should want to be with someone who you find interesting, makes you laugh and generally makes you feel happier.

Searching for excitement, and someone to sweep you off your feet will lead to you passing up a good relationship because you wanted something that only exists in movies.

Do you miss your ex? The magic of making up can help you reconnect and get back together after a breakup.

Did You Feel "Something"?

There are many true stories about long lasting couples who had a bad experience on their first date. Maybe there was too much stress to relax, or they just didn't "click" on that particular date.

Even so, you may get the feeling that "something" is there. That this person could be a good match for you. The date may not have been the most exciting experience, but it's okay to go with your gut feeling on this.

If there's something there, and you want to find out what it is and if it's something that could lead to a relationship ask for the second date. The worst that can happen is that you'll realize it isn't a good match for you.

But the upside is so overwhelmingly positive, because it could lead to someone you want to be with for a long time.

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