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I Can't Find A Girlfriend

If you've been unable to find a girlfriend it may be because you're trying to hard to impress her, or you're dating the wrong girls.

Below are two tips to help you find and keep a girlfriend.

Are You Trying Too Hard To Impress?

Some guys struggle to find a girlfriend because they're trying too hard to impress. Not only does it present a tone of arrogance that some girls will resent, but you may be pretending to be someone you're not.

What do women really want?

They want to feel an emotional connection with someone. That's all it takes to find someone special. It's not going to be about money, or cars. They want to be with someone who understands their point of view.

If the girl you're with is thinking, "this guy understands me" do you know what that means? She's thinking you're the perfect mate for her. So stop talking yourself up, and try to listen to what's important to her. It's her interests, and her concerns that are the most important.

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Do You Know What You Really Want?

A lot of guys think they know what they want but realize they're chasing the wrong girl after a few dates. What's important to you? It's okay to go through your list of physical interests, because attraction does matter.

But it's not everything.

Try to find someone with common interests and a common background. It's the fundamental basics of how people connect and form relationships. People want to feel comfortable, and comfort is easily attained when you're with someone who feels familiar.

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