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How To Get A Girlfriend Back

Everyone has that special someone that got away, and if given the chance they'd want to give the relationship another try.

While most want to reach out to an ex girlfriend, they don't know what to say or what to do to get them back.

How Bad Was The Breakup?

Some breakups are catastrophic shouting matches that leave multiple threads of unsolved problems. Your ex can't even look you in the eye after one of these breakups, much less consider taking you back.

Then there's the easy "let down", where there's no shouting and no real fight you just decide it's time to part ways and move on.

The type of breakup you had, and the terms of your relationship after separating will determine how difficult it is to get another chance.

With all breakups, however, a common obstacle to getting back together is how your girlfriend's perception of you has changed. You were probably once viewed as her knight and shining armor. Someone she could spend years, or even a lifetime with.

That's all changed. Now the flaws and warts of your breakup shade her view and casts you into a negative image. You'll need to reshape her image of you away from a negative association and back into boyfriend material.

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The First Step To Getting Her Back

The first step to getting her back isn't to ask for a reconciliation. Getting back together is a multi-step process and that's actually much further down the line of things to do.

The absolute first thing you need to do to get your ex back is to eliminate existing tension and hostility. No matter how ugly the breakup was, or what the reason, there are always lingering issues on both sides.

You have to get to the root of those feelings and cleanse them. For instance, if your ex girlfriend broke up with you because you were spending too much time with your friends you have to acknowledge why that was a big deal to her.

It could be that she felt neglected, or too low on your list of priorities.

Whatever the root cause of your breakup you need to convey to your ex that you "get it". Not just that you understand what you did wrong, but you understand why it upset her so much.

You have to identify with what she was feeling, and acknowledge how it effected her life. The key word is "identify". In most problems, the other side really just wants you to see their point of view and empathize.

You can't just let old problems remain in the past and try to move forward without addressing them. They will eventually resurface.

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