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How Do You Keep A Girlfriend Happy

Men who struggle to keep relationships together don't always know how to keep a girlfriend happy. It leads to short term girlfriends and lots of frustration.

What's Important To Your Girlfriend

When you're trying to maintain a long-term relationship it's important to understand what your girlfriend wants today, but more importantly what she's always wanted in a man since she started dating. She may try to shape you into the type of man she's always wanted, but her image of an ideal mate will remain intact.

It means that if she doesn't think you fit as her ideal boyfriend, she'll consider looking elsewhere. If you understand what she wants and always searched for in other boyfriends, you'll know how to keep her.

Instead of trying to convince her that you're better than all the other guys, shape her perception of you so she believes you're the man of her dreams. If she thinks you match her image of an ideal mate, she'll become incredibly attached and unlikely to consider dating other men.

If she tells you other guys didn't spend enough time with her, it means she wants to be to focal point of your life. She NEEDS to feel important. Reinforcing that notion will help keep your girlfriend happy.

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Small Actions Have Big Results

Everyone knows about the holidays and gives gifts on Valentines and Christmas. It's the small, not expected, actions that solidify her attachment. A small gift given out of love can have more significance that a gift given because of a holiday obligation.

Your showing of appreciation and affection should also go beyond gifts. A simple hand written letter can pull at her heart stings, and will likely be stored away as a long term reminder of how much you love her.

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