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Do I Need A Makeover?

Do I need a makeover before I start dating again? Will it help and is it important?

A makeover isn't necessary but it can be helpful because it will make you feel more confident and confidence is one of the most attractive attributes people see in others.

When making changes to your appearance it's important make changes consistent with who you are and not make a drastic change that makes you uncomfortable.

Losing Weight

Everyone is self conscious about a certain aspect of their body. Even people who are in great physical shape see imperfections when they look in the mirror. People often believe others will see and focus on what you personally hate the most.

It's the way we are. We're self conscious by nature because being accepted by others is part of our culture.

So is losing weight important? Trimming off a few extra pounds is always good and can help you add energy to your day. A simple way to reduce body fat is to write down everything you eat without exception and filter out some of the sugar, dairy, fatty foods.

You don't have to eliminate these foods, but a simple adjustment can get pounds off without much effort over several weeks and months.

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Changing Wardrobe

Changing your wardrobe is by far the easiest, and the most fun adjustment, for most people. More than any other change it's more to stay within your comfort zone when picking a new style.

You may see a popular style on TV or in a magazine that you want to look great in, but once you're in those clothes it may make you uncomfortable.

Remember that who you are, is perfectly okay. You don't need to be someone else to be in a healthy relationship.

Getting some new clothes always puts a smile on people's face, but using a new wardrobe to become someone else rarely works.

Superficial Changes

Superficial changes like getting a new haircut, or trying different makeup for women is perfectly fine. A new hair-do will take some time to grow out if you don't like it though.

A good rule to follow is "keep it clean". If you look clean, and hygienic you're doing it right. Showing up for a date looking messy because that's the "look" you were going for may not get the results you were hoping for.

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