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Do I Have High Dating Standards?

People often go long stretches without a significant relationship because they avoid dating because they have high dating standards. What happens for a lot of people is they use their "standards" as a way to avoid being rejected.

It happens a lot if you've dated several people with miserable results. It then becomes easier to avoid the whole process and eliminate everyone you meet.

How High Is Too High?

If you're looking for perfection, then your standards are unreasonably high. But you deserve the best, right? Why settle for less than you deserve? Most young daters have this mentality. They thing they're too young to settle and it isn't until they've been through the dating circuit that they begin to realize that NO ONE is perfect, and it's not about finding a perfect person. You're trying to find someone who's perfect for you.

The ultimate goal should always be to find someone who makes you happy, makes you laugh and can understand your point of view. You'll notice that those are qualities of all long lasting relationships and none of them are related to physical appearance.

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One very common dis-qualifier for some daters that is used to eliminate prospects is physical aspects that don't meet their expectations. Maybe they're a little over weight, not tall enough, losing their hair... All those silly little qualities could be preventing you from being happy and developing a family.

Should You Lower Standards?

You don't have to throw away your list of an ideal mate, but you should try to be more objective and open minded. You'll never know if the person in front of you can make you happy for the next twenty years if you cast them aside at first sight.

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