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Dating Advice For Shy Guys

The best dating advice for shy guys is to be yourself and stay in the moment. Putting yourself in a position to succeed is important when choosing where to go on that critical first date.

Pick Someplace Comfortable

If you're already a shy guy, taking her someplace that makes you feel uncomfortable and awkward is just going to push you further into your shell. Take her someplace you've been before if it's appropriate and suitable for a first date.

Try to avoid going to a place where you'll need to sit in silence for long periods of time. A movie seems simple enough, and a bit cliche, but sitting next to someone for two hours of complete silence can get awkward.

Don't think in terms of trying to impress her, think in terms of conversation starters. Great scenery or atmosphere will break the ice nicely.

Be Who You Are

Shy guys are naturally hesitant when it comes to talking about themselves. You have your shell and you don't want to bring it down sometimes. Talking about yourself often feels awkward because you feel like you're exposed to being judged and it just makes you feel uncomfortable.

That's perfectly okay. Some girls actually dig shy guys. That's their thing. It's like plucking a budding flower and helping it grow, or something sappy like that.

It's okay to be shy. Lots of guys are. It's not okay to compensate for shyness by pretending to be something you're not. A big mistake is taking on a persona to help shield who you are.

Just be yourself, and let the magic happen. If you're shy, tell her you're a little shy.

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Listen And Listen Good

A lot of guys kill the conversation because they're focusing on what they're going to say next instead of what their date is saying right now. You know it's important to keep the conversation going because long awkward pauses are kind of a bad sign chemistry wise.

Don't fall into the trap of "not listening", because you're distracted by what you're going to say when she's done. Just listen to what she's saying and to keep the conversation going chime in with a "really?", or a "how'd that work out?"

Using these simple little feeding words can stretch a five minute conversation into an hour long back and forth. And if she's talking non-stop, without the conversation stalling she's going to feel that "connection".

You know, like you get her or something.

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