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Can You Fix A Relationship After Cheating?

Cheating can test the strength of a relationship like nothing else. It creates a long lasting, sometimes permanent rift that takes years to get past.

It's never as simple as apologizing and promising to never do it again. There are physical and psychological barriers to overcome before moving forward.

Betrayal Of Intimacy

While most focus on the physical aspect of cheating many overlook how it causes trauma psychologically. Sex is more than just a physical act. You're in your most vulnerable state, giving and sharing everything you have with your partner.

When someone cheats it means they're sharing this vulnerable state with another. The relationship and intimacy will be viewed as not enough to satisfy you.

It leaves your partner questioning why they weren't enough. Why was what they were offering not enough to satisfy your need for intimacy?

It takes an extended amount of time to recover from a cheating spouse because of the psychological factors, not just what was done physically.

Sometimes one person will say, "it was just sex", but it never is.

Betrayal Of Trust

Cheating always branches out beyond just having sex with another person. It raises awareness to your dishonesty. If you were lying to your partner, and spending time with someone else it ultimately leads to the question "what else were they lying about".

If you cheated you'll struggle to regain the trust of your partner not just when you spend time with other women, but in all aspects of the relationship.

You'll feel like you're being punished extensively, and may even vent your frustration thinking an apology is enough. Saying you're sorry isn't the problem.

Regaining and rebuilding their trust is what's needed, and in some cases it may take several years for the relationship to recover from just one incident.

Learn to rebuild your relationship after cheating

How Relationships Can Recover

Nothing tests a relationship more than cheating. It damages your sense of intimacy, trust, and friendship. So how do you recover?

Many relationships struggle to survive because it takes so much time to rebuild the relationship. Some fall short and give up out of frustration, others simply can't forgive and begin to trust again.

As with most problems, communication plays a vital role in saving the relationship. If there's frustration that persists, months and sometimes years, after cheating it's important to address the issue instead of trying to keep it in the past without talking about it.

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