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Are Online Dating Sites Safe?

Some people have avoided joining a dating website because they aren't sure if online dating sites are safe.

Dating online is easier, and less time consuming but should be used with the same common sense and precautions as offline dating.

Protect Your Personal Information

When you're dating offline you want to make sure you feel safe, so you don't give your phone number and address to every person you meet. You should take the same approach online.

Don't post your personal information, like phone number or address, for the general public to view online. When you sign up for a dating site your home address is hidden from other singles.

Other singles will only know your home address if you decide to tell them. You should only provide contact information after you have established a comfort level with someone.

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Create An Email Address For Dating

It's advisable to create a new, and dedicated, email address for your dating search. It gives you the option to deactivate the account and stop using it if you meet someone you want to avoid communicating with.

If you give out your primary email address that other friends and family use, it will be a more involved process to change accounts and update all your contacts with your new email address.

Online dating can be fun, and a very efficient way to meet new people when used properly.

If you're ready to start dating again, or just want to do some mingling without obligations, you can use the following link to start a free singles search:

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