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Advice On How To Talk To Women

Some men struggle with how to talk to women, because they over think the conversation. They don't want to make a mistake or say anything that portrays them negatively.

What Should You Say To Women?

The key to having a good conversation with a woman is to ask lots of questions. Your goal is to get her to reveal information that can continue to move the conversation forward.

Then sprinkle some information about yourself to help connect with her response. Make sure you're listening. Don't focus on what you're going to talk about next, focus on the words she's saying.


Because you use those phrases to keep the conversation moving. You want it to become organic. Instead of starting a new conversation about a new topic, try to connect topics.

Discussions of the weather > Weather where she grew up > Do you miss your old home? > Were you close to your family?

You want to connect the strings of the conversation so they become tied together. If she starts talking about the weather, it opens the door to her past experience with the weather. Like where she grew up. Did it snow? Did she like the cold winters? Etc, etc.

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Keep the conversation moving, and ask lots of open ended questions. If she tries to move the focus on you, give a good answer but then follow with a question for her to answer that's on topic.

If you're asking the questions, and directing the conversation you can make sure it doesn't become stale. The last thing you want is for her to lose interest.

If you can keep the conversation moving, the time will fly and she'll think she's finally met someone who knows how to talk to women.

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